Draw lines in SnapType!

Draw lines in SnapType!

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we’re investing heavily into improvements for SnapType on Android. One of the most requested improvements is landscape mode and we’re happy to say that was added and has been well received!

Next up… Drawing mode! You can now draw lines in SnapType Pro for Android using your finger or a stylus.

We think you’re going to love drawing as it opens up new possibilities for worksheets. Drawing is a Pro feature so you’ll need to have SnapType Pro.

With SnapType Pro on Android, students can easily draw lines on any school worksheet. There are additional drawing features that we think you will like too!

Change Line Thickness
Use the slider at the top of the screen to change the thickness of the lines.

Change Line Color
Choose from several colors to best fit your worksheet.

Undo and Redo Lines
Hey, it happens, we make mistakes. Use the undo and redo arrows to fix mistakes.

Delete Lines
Long press (press and hold) anywhere on the worksheet to delete lines.

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