It’s Truly Beautiful What The Dyslexic Mind Can Do

It’s Truly Beautiful What The Dyslexic Mind Can Do

Emily Daly is profoundly dyslexic and dysgraphic, and was told in childhood that she would never learn to read, much less go to college. Despite those ominous predictions, she’s now thriving as a freshman at University of Notre Dame where she studies neuroscience . “You must always refuse to let people label you,” Emily affirms, “because it destroys the greatness that lives inside each of us.”

“I think the biggest help was getting the accommodations.”

“It was a huge confidence boost to know that I could do something on my own.”

“It is so important for organizations like Learning Ally to be supported because the confidence that it gives children who are dyslexic.”

“Sometimes it’s that extra boost that … lets the child have faith in themselves to go forward.”

“With the right technology and the right way of going around these things that you can be a wonderfully functioning human being and that it will not hinder your life’s success.”

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