Occupational Therapy Student Creates App That Prevents Homework Meltdowns!

Occupational Therapy Student Creates App That Prevents Homework Meltdowns!

Amberlynn Slavin, the creator of SnapType shares how she saw student struggling with handwriting and developed a tool to help him succeed in school.

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While I was in school for occupational therapy, I met a little boy during my fieldwork. He had dysgraphia, which is a handwriting disability. He can’t read his own handwriting and his handwriting is really messy.


“I hate homework!” said the student.


I was thinking, how can I think of something to help this child? What I thought about was, why not just take a picture of the worksheet that the teacher passed out to him and then he can just directly type on the screen. That’s what SnapType does and there really wasn’t anything out there that did what I wanted it to. I originally made this for this one child, after knowing that it helped him so much, I thought there has to be other children just like him.


It’s a very intuitive app, so I feel like you can get on it and you can figure out how to use it very quickly, which is really important with kids because if it’s so complex they are not going to be able to use it. I just pull out my phone and be like, “oh, I’ll show you how to use it.” Or I’ll let them try to use it and they realize how easy it is.

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