SnapType The App to Write With!

SnapType The App to Write With!

So many people have heard about my story creating SnapType and they want to share my story with their community. So I’ve been doing lots of podcasts and radio shows lately. It’s been really fun! Here’s a chat I had with speaker, trainer, and coach, Missy Ohe of The Missy Ohe Show and The Ohepen Mind. If you’d like to listen along, click this link.

Here’s what we chat about:

  • Where I got the idea for the app
  • How Occupational Therapists help people
  • People can regain their independence
  • Our SnapType team
  • Advice for someone who wants to make a difference in the world – Don’t be afraid to fail! 
  • What dysgraphia is
  • Who can benefit from SnapType
  • Comparison of SnapType vs. SnapType Pro
  • What I’m working on next
  • Mentoring other OT students
  • Advice to bring your idea to life – Create an MVP!
  • “Do one thing everyday that scares you”- Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Feedback from users is the real reward
  • Living our lives intentionally
  • In the works – Drawing and Android
  • Reviews on the App Store – How SnapType is changing lives!
  • Take baby steps to accomplish your goals.


Missy Ohe - SnapType




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