[Update] SnapType on Android

[Update] SnapType on Android

As Apple and Google battle to have their hardware adopted in the classroom, small app teams like ours have to choose where to put our limited resources. Developing on multiple platforms requires the app to be re-written from the ground up in a completely different programming language. Unfortunately, it’s no small task.

We’ve heard from from many of you asking to get SnapType on Android up the same level of functionality and quality as SnapType on iOS (Apple). We’re so excited to help support students and so we’re re-investing all of our proceeds back into the Android app. 

In the recent few weeks, we’ve updated the Android app several times to improve functionality. Even if you have tried SnapType in the past, give it a try again and let us know what you think of the latest release. We’ve also been able to unlock Landscape Mode which came highly requested!

Updates in SnapType and SnapType Pro (v1.1.3)

  • Updated the framework of SnapType to support the latest versions of Android (including 10.0)
  • Added a collapsable top bar to give you more visibility of the worksheet.
  • Improved the color picker to remember your last used color
  • Added support for landscape mode
  • Fixed many bugs

Stay tuned, we’re working on the next round of improvements to enable drawing on Android!

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